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Eli & Michelle’s Bayfront Park Engagement Session

It’s hard to say enough good about Eli & Michelle. They are so laid back and silly that being with them is so much fun! Their engagement session at Bayfront Park in Hamilton was absolutely no exception. A blast from start to finish. I could go on and on but I’ll let the photos do the talking!

Tom & Lindsay’s Engagement Session

151030 ThomasLindsay_Engagement_Teaser-1

Tom and Lindsay are a sweet couple and you’re about to find out why!  After approaching us to photograph their upcoming wedding, we were excited to say yes and begin working with these two!  Hang out with them for 15 minutes and you’ll see their fun, joking, and hilarious personalities shining through.  We got up nice and early to explore Guelph as the sun rose for their beautiful session and despite the fact that it was a little cold, we captures some amazing portraits.  We are more excited than ever for their wedding to come around because these two are going to throw one heck of a party!  Congratulations Tom and Lindsay!  We can’t wait for your wedding this March 🙂


151030 ThomasLindsay_Engagement_Teaser-2

151030 ThomasLindsay_Engagement_Teaser-3

151030 ThomasLindsay_Engagement_Teaser-4

151030 ThomasLindsay_Engagement_Teaser-5

151030 ThomasLindsay_Engagement_Teaser-6

151030 ThomasLindsay_Engagement_Teaser-7


Nathan & Jasmine’s Engagement

151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-1

Nathan & Jasmine are as sweet a couple you could ask for.  We met these two when we were photographing Jonathan & Lauren’s wedding back in May of 2014 (Jonathan is Nathan’s brother).  After Nathan and Jasmine got engaged, they got in contact with us about doing their wedding photography.  We were so excited to say yes because we just knew that we were going to have a fantastic time together.  Meeting in Guelph to explore some of the more historic and meaningful places to these two, we had a gorgeous Fall session with incredible weather and a ton of fun.  We are so, so excited to capture their wedding this upcoming year that it will be hard to wait!  Congratulations to Nathan & Jasmine!  We hope you enjoy your teaser!

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151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-2 151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-3 151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-4 151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-5 151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-6 151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-7 151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-8 151025 NathanJasmine_Engagement_Teaser-9


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